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Here comes an Plugin to save coupon codes

Have you every felt that you missed a coupon code and felt cheated for not using the offers to avail discount ? Here is the answer for you – Copounding is a plugin or app that can help you remind the expiring coupons

All companies send tons of copon codes but we never use it due to hectic way of saving them and finding them.


How to use



Download the plugin using chrome or Install the app and give permissions


Enable notifications and give permissions to draw over the apps


At the time of checkout the app notifies about the coupon code available


Checkout using the coupon code and avail offers and discounts

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Yes you will be given a free trail

No we do not read any of your personal data. We only read your app notification data.

You are absolutely free to discontinue the paid version. We will refund the rest of the amount based on your usage.

Your dashboard will have all the data like last copied codes, expiring ones and also the money saved.

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